The Adam Project, INC.

To provide assistance and guidance to persons in reentry and their families, as well as to persons engaged in other at risk behaviors.

About Us

The Adam Project does a lot with our alternative sentencing initiative currently serving adolescent males and adult males. Along with being assigned to classes, going through jobs readiness training and more, each of these persons who check in on a regular basis attend our weekly community forums as mandated by courts and parole. We are currently accessing the situation of others, whose loved ones have come to us for help and assistance.

Our stop the violence initiative has held several prayer vigils on homicide scenes at the request of family members or others in the community, and our team of peer mediators and mentors have done a tremendous job of working the streets in at risk areas, and even work a funeral for a victim of homicide where gang retaliation was threatened. Along with our law enforcement partner, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, we have formed a new initiative, “CeaseFire Dayton, to further address the concerns of our community in relationship to aiding in violence reduction at every level.

Our CeaseFire initiative is part of a national movement, CeaseFire Chicago, and is growing both in popularity and per-sons willing to get involved. In April 2013 we are planning a local peace and justice rally. In May 2013 our youth will participate in the million t-shirt march against bullying. This is a national call to stop the bullying.


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