The Adam Project, INC.

To provide assistance and guidance to persons in reentry and their families, as well as to persons engaged in other at risk behaviors.

Overview on programs

THE ADAM PROJECT, Inc. is a faith based organization dedicated to helping males of all ages avoid a life of crime, while assisting the ex-offender returning to Montgomery County, Ohio to connect with the necessary tools for success, thus reducing greatly the rate of recidivism and increasing through training and resources as they seek education the notion of successful re-entry for the former offender.

WHY THE ADAM PROJECT- The ADAM PROJECT is the birth child of the Rev. Jerome McCorry. It is founded as a faith based non-profit dealing with the many issues facing men upon release from prison  Following his own experience in prison, Rev. McCorry returned to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio and continued his work in the area of human and civil rights. Hearing again the voice of God issue the call to greater service, Jerome walked away from his position as CEO of a more TRADITIONAL organization to start THE ADAM PROJECT.

Jerome feels that men and women returning from prison need to first of all come to understand that all things work for good for those who LOVE THE LORD. Prison can sometimes work for the good. But often men and women return from prison with harden hearts and are then faced with many persons who seem to have a holier than thou attitude and they lose hope. Unfornately, this attitude is so often felt in church as well, causes men and women to believe that even God has forsaken them.

These attitudes and experiences have created a need for a re-entry movement that would reflect the spirit of a loving, living and caring savior. A spiritual connection to God is the only way to truely re-enter after serving prison time.

Jerome further believes that the absence of men from our community has created of the problems that are so prevalent, especially in the black community. THE ADAM PROJECT, INC. then dares to ask has God ask in the garden long ago, ADAM, WHERE ART THOU?

Steps 2 Re-Entry is the Adam Project’s employment readiness initiative. The road to re-entry can have blind spots and is sometimes a rocky road, however, this informative, inspirational initiative will prepare the renewed citizen for the re certificates challenges of job searching, and/or job readiness. This spiritual readiness initiative will also assist the renewed citizen with available resources as they seek entrepreneurial opportunities. Participants will gather 1 day a week for 5 weeks to complete this initiative. Certificates of completion will be issued to all who complete this initiative and participants will also receive reference letters from The Adam Project. Though it is the responsibility of the individual to obtain employment, we are committed to the process of contacting those employers who have already seen the positive that we are doing in the lives we serve.

THE CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION INITIATIVE- The Citizenship Education Initiative reminds the renewed citizen that they like other Ohioans can and should registrar to vote, and like responsible American’s we owe to this nation to participate in the process. The initiative goes beyond voting however. We believe that all of us are responsible for for the communities in which we live. The safety of our neighbors, children, businesses and places of worship must be both respected and protected. As we participate in the citizenship duties, we must also work to make things better for others as we, like our heavenly father before us, ask the question, “Adam, Where Art Thou?” Understanding how this nation works socially, politically and economically is imperative.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT-Spiritual Development is an essential part of the renewing process for anyone. For the renewed citizen it is even more of a challenge. Our spiritual development initiative should not be looked at as a Church Development Program seeking to bring men in touch with the part of GOD that should live in all of us. We are not a church seeking members, but rather a member of the body of believers seeking to become the church.

S.I.T. (Superheroes-In-Training)-
S.I.T. is a fatherhood initiative that encourages fathers to stay in the lives of their sons and daughters. Data collected indicates that children do better emotionally, intellectually and literally when their father is in their lives. We instruct men on how to interact with their children and how to relate to them.

M.V.P. (Men 4 Violence)-M.V.P. Is an initiative made up of men who t God have demonstrated by their attitude and fortitude. The fact they are willing to now live up the calling that GOD puts on every man, as a son, brother, husband, and father. New returnees will be mentored by those who have demonstrated the qualities of men who had their lives changed. Walking neighborhoods, attending special event stand working with other groups and people in the county to bring about peace is now and will always be The Adam Project Way.

BLOCK PARTIES 4 PEACE- In 2009 The Adam Project, Inc. staged a series of BLOCK PARTIES 4 PEACE throughout Montgomery County in partnership with our vice-chairman Sheriff Phil Plummer. The peace initiative is designed to bring together law enforcement, local leaders and members of communities affected by the rising violent crime. These block parties feature DJ’s live entertainment, free food, give-a-ways and more. This initiative has grown to (8) eight per year, and citizens are getting more and more involved. Speakers talk about solutions to violence and other non-profit groups join us in information sharing and combining entertainment as a vehicle to educate and raise awareness. We believe that true peace can only be achieved by use of divine intervention. It remains our prayer that churches and other faith based community programming will assist us in this effort of reducing and in fact eliminating the violence in our city and county. This also serves as an opportunity for men who once were a part of the violent activity to demonstrate true redemption by giving back and participating.


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